Shall the following proposed law be approved?

An Act relating to adult use marijuana: creating the Adult Use Marijuana Regulation Act; defining terms; specifying limitations on application of the Act; establishing legal protections for personal use of marijuana; setting age, quantity and other limitations; establishing penalties for use, possession, cultivation, production, transportation, delivery or distribution in violation of the Act; vesting authority to license, administer, enforce, and regulate under the Act in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority; providing for the issuance of rules and regulations related to adult use marijuana; setting requirements for and limitations on such licensing, administration, enforcement and regulation; establishing protections for licensees and contractors; establishing license eligibility requirements; establishing restrictions regarding cultivation, processing, testing, storage, transfer, import and export, security, and location; providing for local government regulation within limits; establishing the Oklahoma Marijuana Revenue Trust Fund; establishing an excise tax, and providing for collection and distribution of proceeds thereof; requiring annual reporting; providing for retroactive application; establishing a judicial process for resentencing, reversal of convictions, or modification of judgment and sentence for individuals previously convicted of certain marijuana-related offenses; establishing rules of construction; providing for codification, severability, and an effective date.

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